Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pinterest 50 Post challenge

I have thousands of Pinterest images on my page and I have decided to try and "use" at least 50 of those ideas I have collected. I started this Sunday morning with a lovely zucchini casserole, a perfect summer brunch treat. I chose the number 50 because there are just over 10 more weeks of summer break and I am hopeful that I can try/explore at least 5 pins per week. Today I did 2 (I also made 7-Up biscuits too).

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Beth said...

You inspired me to go count how many things I have done. I would have guessed 20+ but actually it's much less. I've only made 5 recipes- Cherry Cake, Red Lobster biscuits, eggnog pound cake, strawberry mango salsa, Sangria. But... I'm making 2 tonight for the baby shower- Marshmallow pops and Pop tarts. Plus I've done 2 of the crafts. I'm going to need to step it up!