Saturday, November 24, 2012

Postcards from the past

I created these postcard collage pieces over 25 years ago...which is hard for me to believe on so many levels.
These were created the old fashion way, tons of magazines, a sharp blade, glue stick and lots of cutting, no computer to smooth the lines and clean up the images

Share and enjoy.

This is part of a collage postcard book

Steampunk a light switch plate cover

Steampunk a light switch plate cover in less than 2 hours...

Take one plain light switch plate cover wiped clean.
Add acrylic base coat, let dry.

Cut and apply clip art images face down using gel medium or mod-podge,

dry 15 minutes and peel/rub
off excess paper.


Add more images and repeat.
Touch up with additional acrylic colors.

Embellish with gears, clock parts and jewelry.
Reattach to light switch.

Coat with 1-2 layers of
mat acrylic gel medium/mod-podge

and enjoy your work!

Monday, November 12, 2012

here on earth: a thin line

here on earth: a thin line: "there is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt." - erma bombeck

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pinterest 50 Post challenge

I have thousands of Pinterest images on my page and I have decided to try and "use" at least 50 of those ideas I have collected. I started this Sunday morning with a lovely zucchini casserole, a perfect summer brunch treat. I chose the number 50 because there are just over 10 more weeks of summer break and I am hopeful that I can try/explore at least 5 pins per week. Today I did 2 (I also made 7-Up biscuits too).

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Outside the Box 2012

Once again I created a work of art to donate to the Placer Arts fund raising event "Outside the Box". This year they gave us a deconstructed box. I used 2 of the 4 pieces provived. Here is an overview of the project.
King Squid

I used a spray primer and chrome base
for the background.

Gloss medium was used to build textures
and layer colors.

I added bits of string and glitter to
create more texture and movement

The black printed sea creatures and
ear are photo transfers using
gel medium.

White and neon  green ink dots for
interest and contrast

 Layers of paint behind and over the
fish images helped blend
them with ocean.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Miss Connections

MAMA Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Lesean Bowe<br/>USA<br/>Single Mother: The Hand that Rocks the World
Lesean Bowe


Single Mother: The Hand that Rocks the World

Spotlight Artists: Augustus John

"LONDON.- A new display at the National Portrait Gallery will mark the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Augustus John, one of the most celebrated British artists of the early 20th century. Regarded as an outstanding painter and draughtsman, he was a leading portraitist of his day and his lifestyle epitomized that of the bohemian artist. The display of portraits of the artist drawn from the Gallery’s Collection includes photographs by Alvin Coburn, Howard Coster, Bill Brandt, Yousuf Karsh, Norman Parkinson, Ida Kar and Cecil Beaton. Charting his early career, relationships, his fascination with Romany culture, and his success and reputation as an artist the display will also include pivotal figures from his life including Dorelia McNeill, Lady Ottoline Morrell and Talitha Pol. Associated with the New English Art Club and the Camden Town Group he remained largely independent from artistic trends and movements and his sitters included many of his most distinguished contemporaries such as George Bernard Shaw and T.E. Lawrence. "

 Art Knowledge News Feb 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012

Van Gogh inspired

base image painted on canvas board
Working with the Very Special Arts Program/I can do that has been a very powerful and heartfelt teaching experience. This is the base for a Van Gogh inspired class collage project that we will begin working on tomorrow.

student working on class project

Students worked on this piece off and on for several weeks adding small found objects and art treasures. The completed canvas was displayed at the end of session community show in January 2012.

Completed group project by students grades 1st-2nd in the Very Special Arts Program Jan 2012