Sunday, January 5, 2014

Outside the Box 2014

Once again I'm participating in the Outside the Box artist challenge.
This time we received 6 10x10 plywood panels to create our art piece.
I did a totem based on Alice in Wonderland
Early White Rabbit 

Early Alice

Early Cheshire Cat 

Two Great Shows at the Crocker

So happy over winter break Jack and I got to visit the Crocker Museum and see two great shows.

Blast from the past

Magpie News 1994...


Took and old canvas with some pencil work on it and started exploring with color, collage and line...don't know where it going yet, but I'm liking the journey.

Blue Cafe for Jack

Started this project August 2013, laying out shapes and colors...

Cutie Pies in the Sky

Completed piece for Savannah summer 2013

Birthday Flowers

My sister Beth sent me lovely flowers for my birthday and my friend Simone also gave me flowers so I decided to combine them in a vase a make a painting in a day...and I did. Of course I continued to add details over the next 2 months. The finished product was given to my parents for Christmas this year.