Monday, June 14, 2010

Drippity Doo Da Compare and Contrast

Here are steps I and II for Drippity.


Catie said...

I had so much fun with this piece! I hope I didn't do too much - it was hard to know when to stop.

Also, I learned a very valuable lesson. Maybe you all already know this, but after I finished carefully gluing down those incredibly thin, vintage LIFE magazine collage elements (and waited for the glue to dry), I thought I should protect the paper and prepare the surface for future artists who might want to paint over them. In order to do this, I proceeded to paint clear gesso over the top of them. To my horror, the beautifully flat paper began to wrinkle and buckle out of control! Eak! I flattened it as much as I could, and waited for it to dry. Then I sanded the high points down as much as I could, and smothered those areas with acrylic medium, which is what I probably should have used in the first place. Live and learn. I think is looks fine now, and actually like the torn paper effect. (This is going to say that Catie posted this - just know that it's me.) Natalie -

Meredith said...

I love what you did! I can still see inklings of my original idea so it'll be interesting to see what the others do. On the other hand it's like nothing I would have expected!